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Joining Made in Montana is free, easy, and can be rewarding for your business.   

As a member you receive the following benefits:

  • A listing on our official Made in Montana website, including photos, product description, and a hyperlink to your own website
  • Access to the trademarked logos that can be used as an authentic product and store identifier
  • Camaraderie amongst members around the state who make and sell the best authentic Montana products
  • Member highlights on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • The ability to participate in the annual wholesale Tradeshow for Food & Gifts - held every March in Helena - which has historically garnered over 500 wholesale buyers and 6,800 members of the public (specific requirements must be met in order to qualify as exhibitor)
  • FIRST to know about upcoming events and insider information

Made in Montana Made in Montana Logo

Members wanting to use this logo have products that are made, created, produced, manufactured or enhanced in the state, and now have an added value of 50% or more of the individual parts used in the production process. Every member of the program has access to this logo.


Grown in Montana LogoGrown in Montana 

Use of this logo requires that products are grown, come from, or are derived from crops or animals in the state. Products that are raw ingredients - such as meat, eggs or lentils - but have been minimally processed (washed, sorted, packaged), are still considered a Grown in Montana product. Members who grow a product, but also enhance or substantially transform into a food mix or clothing product, can choose to use both Made in Montana and Grown in Montana logos.


Native American Made in Montana LogoNative American Made in Montana 

This logo is for the exclusive use of enrolled members of a Montana-recognized tribe. The member must also reside in the state.

Online Listing

Registered members have the opportunity to have a FREE online listing on our site - including Product Description, Business Information, Retail Locations and Photos.

Access to Made in Montana logos

Placing the logo on your products, signage, or marketing materials lets buyers know you are selling genuine products and you are proud to be Made in Montana. The program encourages consumers to choose products with labels through a coordinated marketing campaign of direct advertising, social media, and other innovative ideas.

Producers can purchase low-cost logo labels or use the electronic image to print the logo directly on product packaging. Retail stores, distributors, and restaurants are eligible to use the logo on their signs, menus, and brochures, but only producers are eligible to place logos on actual products.

Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

We are always coming up with creative ways to market our members. Whether through print ads, billboards, or social media highlights - we will assist in your marketing efforts and get your name out there. We are here to give you a brand platform to market your products from - and people notice!

Wholesale Events & Exhibiting Opportunities

Members selling wholesale food and gift items are eligible to participate in the Made in Montana Tradeshow and subsequently, one time attendance as part of the Montana Pavilion at the Billings Regional Market.

Other opportunties are comminicated to members through direct emailing and our monthly newsletter.

Education and Business Development

If you are interested in building your business, we can help point you in the right direction. Please contact us at any time for tips, ideas, or resources.


The makers, growers, creators, manufacturers of goods - which produce an end product worth 50% or more in added value. Producers can also have a Showroom or location in which they sell their own products.

Apply as a Producer


Retail Stores

Stores carrying a variety of Made in Montana registered products as part of their regular inventory.

Apply as a Retail Store


Restaurants/Bars/Tasting Rooms

Serving menu items consisting of locally-sourced products and Made in Montana ingredients.

Please use the "Producer" application when applying.

Apply as a Restaurant


Miscellaneous User

Special events, Programs, or others wanting to use the logo for specific reasons can contact us for more information.


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