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In Montana, we celebrate establishments serving food and drink made with locally sourced ingredients. We even have a special logo to help you identify them. Click here to learn more about the Taste our Place program.

Wanting to prepare meals for yourself? We have a wide variety of grocery stores, convenience shops, butcher blocks, and farmers markets with Montana foods and beverages ready for you to take home and create your own delectable dishes.

Whatever you choose...remember to always take time to "Savor the Montana Flavor"!


Grocery Stores

Use our list to help you shop for fresh and prepared food and drink to take home.  We can point you in the right direction to find local ingredients you can prepare yourself


Food & Beverage Stores



For a tasty treat, choose local eateries that have made a commitment to incorporating menu items and ingredients grown and made in the state.




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Find Breweries


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Find Distilleries


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Madison Foods Smokehouse

The Parrot Confectionery

betterRoot Cider Bar

Blue Moose Metals