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Made in Montana

Here's what you need to know about the Made in Montana program, our members, and their products. 

A Cut Above

We consider our members a cut above, because not just anyone fits this brand.

In Montana, we hold each other to a higher standard—that means we are tougher, friendlier, and more likely to come through in a pinch.  

The things we make and grow here should live up to the same ideals. If it's produced in Montana, it's produced with pride.


Meriwether Metalworks LLC

Through and Through

The products are Montana through and through and reflect the qualities that make Montana great.

Montana is known for its spectacular, unspoiled nature, charming towns, relaxing hospitality, and breathtaking experiences.  

The people and products that wear these badges carry a piece of that reputation with them, sharing the Last Best Place with all.


Terry's Unique Wordwork

Here by Choice

Our members are here by choice and believe working in Montana is a privilege not a burden.

The choice to start, grow, or move a business in Montana tells you a lot about the people doing it.  

We are not just creating, producing, and harvesting—we are choosing a better way of doing things.


Canty Boots MT

What the Logos Mean

Made in Montana

Used when the product is made, created, or enhanced in the state and is now worth 50% or more in added value.

Grown in Montana

Used when the product is either grown from the start or significantly grown and finished in the state and is now worth 50% or more in added value.

Native American Made in Montana

Used when the product is made, created, or enhanced in the state by an enrolled member of a Montana tribe and is now worth 50% or more in added value.


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KTF Design

Made of Mountains

Weaverbird Studio

Coaster Pedicab