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Montana's landscape has inspired film, music, visual arts, writing, and more. Learn about some of the great things created in Montana.

MONTANA ART GALLERIES are treasure chests full of works by Native American and western artists, acclaimed photographers, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, and jewelers.

On display is a wide selection of original, reproduced, and unique Made in Montana artwork by talented artists. Take a piece of Montana's creativity back home with you.

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Lisa Gibson Art


Montana is lucky to have a thriving arts and entertainment community—and luckier still to have the LiVELY TiMES, an online events calendar and website connecting Montana residents and visitors with the arts. 

Discover the when and where of the best Montana events, music, performing arts, visual arts, and literature.  


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Montana on the Big Screen

Montana is host to numerous films for the big screen as well as television, commercials, documentaries, and more. If it looks like Montana, it may well be —the state has been used to imitate locations around the globe!

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Montana's Circle of American Masters

MCAM recognizes visual folk and traditional artists for artistic excellence in their work, along with their help in preserving the state's cultural heritage.

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Montana Center for the Book

From the oral tradition of our First Peoples' stories captured on audiotape to books published about modern realities, Montana authors have always thrived here in Big Sky Country.


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RatBone Creations, LLC

Kara Tripp ARTIST

Carlburg Pottery

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