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What To Do When Your Membership Is Deactivated

Monday, July 29, 2019/Categories: Made in Montana, Business Tips

If you notice your listing isn’t showing up on our website, if you can’t order stickers, or if you forgot to respond to renewal reminders, your Made in Montana listing may have been deactivated.

The most common question we receive is: “My listing was deactivated! What do I do?”

Don’t stress!  We’re here to help you and get your listing back up and running.

Here’s the deal: Our system requires an annual renewal to make sure customers searching for Made in Montana products find your current products in the online directory.  The Made in Montana database sends automatic renewal emails when it’s time to renew and we ask you follow certain instructions to ensure your membership doesn’t lapse. Your renewal date is 365 days from your original application date or most recent renewal. So, if you first applied in August 2018, you need to renew your membership with us in August 2019.  If you renewed your membership July 28, 2018, you’ll need to renew again July 28, 2019.

We do this for several reasons. First, we want to confirm you are still in business and you’re still creating and producing your items in Montana. Second, we want to give you the opportunity to update your listing, including your business description, product description, and product photos to keep your listing fresh and engaging on our website.  Even if you don’t have changes or updates, we need you to respond to the renewal email.

At this time members cannot login to our database to update listings. Instead, please email changes to us at We also accept snail mail. Currently, these are the only two ways to renew your membership.

In addition to the required annual renewal, we are more than happy to update information or photos any time throughout the year. Simply send us an email with your new information. Be sure to include your Business Name or Made in Montana membership number in the subject line.

Here’s how the renewal process works: 


Automatic Renewal Emails

Your membership requires annual renewal based on the date you were originally approved for the program or last renewed. Thirty days before your renewal date, you will receive an automatic email (see below), with detailed instructions on how to renew your membership. If you take no action on this email, we’ll send a second renewal reminder fourteen days before your renewal date. If you take no action on the second reminder, your membership will be deactivated, your listing removed from the online directory on the Made in Montana website and you will not be able to purchase or download the logo stickers.

Example Renewal Email: 


 Membership in the Made in Montana program requires you to confirm and/or update your business information annually. That way we are able to provide the most accurate information to folks who are searching our online database.  We've tried to make it as easy as possible as we know how busy you are.  Attached is a copy of your information that is currently on-file. Please check it for accuracy and content.

 If you have photos included with your online listing, please go to and review your photos. You can use the "Find it Fast" feature to search for your business name. Please make sure the photos are current. If you don't have photos, this is your chance to add them to your listing!  You may have up to six (6) photos on your listing, in JPEG format, up to 2MB each.

 IF EVERYTHING IS CORRECT, please FORWARD this email to STATING THAT NO CHANGES ARE REQUIRED and confirm you are still in business. [Please DO NOT reply directly to this email as it is an automated message, and not a valid email address]

 IF YOU WANT TO MAKE CHANGES, you have two options:

 Option 1:  FORWARD this email to with a message STATING THE CHANGES YOU WANT FOR LISTING OR PHOTOS. Breaking out by section is easiest. [Please DO NOT reply directly to this email as this is an automated message, and not a valid email address]

 Option 2:  Print-out your information and make changes directly on the copy.  Mail it to us at Made in Montana Program, PO Box 200533, Helena, MT 59620-0533.

 YOU MUST RESPOND WITHIN 30 CALENDAR DAYS OF THIS NOTICE regardless if you have any changes.  This lets us know that you want to keep your membership current for another year.  If we do not hear from you during that period, your membership will be suspended and you will no longer be able to purchase logo labels and your online listing will be removed.  If you contact us AFTER the 30-days, we will reactivate your membership.

 If you have questions please contact us at or 406-841-2757.

 Thank you for your continued involvement in the Made in Montana program!

 -The Made in Montana Team

 Follow these instructions and we will renew your membership!


Adding or Updating Listing Photos

Members can choose to include product photos with their online listing. It's a good idea to update product photos at the same time you update your listing information during your annual renewal. This ensures your listing stays fresh and engaging each year.

You can have up to six photos with your online listing, no more than 2 MB each. Please email all photos to when you send your annual renewal email. Remember to include your Business Name or Made in Montana membership number in the subject line.


Stickers and Logo Labels

Only active members can order Made in Montana and Grown in Montana stickers or use the electronic logos.

 We contract with Alpha Graphics in Bozeman to print stickers, and you purchase from them directly. They maintain a list of active Made in Montana members and check against this list whenever they get an inquiry about ordering labels. If your membership has deactivated, Alpha Graphics will not see your name on the list and won’t sell you stickers. When you are ready to order stickers, be ready with your Made in Montana membership number.

If you need to order more labels see Using & Ordering Logos.  



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