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How to Display Your Products for Maximum Impact

Tuesday, February 4, 2020/Categories: Made in Montana, Tradeshow, Business Tips

Whether a trade show, farmers market, craft fair or retail setting, how you display your products has a direct impact on your business. Curating your display space thoughtfully can influence a customer’s first impression. As a producer, how can you ensure buyers make a beeline for your featured products in a show setting? How can you maximize your retail space to make customers stay longer and buy more? 


Use Your Space Wisely 

Rethink the dimensions of your space, not as a limitation, but an opportunity to try a new layout in a temporary location, kiosk or show booth.  Think of arranging lighting, tables and freestanding shelves to create space for a customer or buyer to explore the space as you would in a store. Provide clear paths to your featured products or show specials. Try diagonal arrangements rather than perpendicular for tables, chairs and shelves, and even free-standing displays. Be creative in static spaces. 

Low Profile 

You may be tempted to hang signage on the back wall and push your featured products to the front with large displays. Consider an aesthetically pleasing low profile up front to create space for buyers to approach and engage with your product.  For the rear of your space, try a photography studio backdrop in a complimentary style to add an interesting visual. 

Some shows and fairs (like the Made in Montana Tradeshow) have height restrictions. Make sure you’re aware of the height and booth rules for each show you attend, and remember, things can change. Find Made in MontanaTradeshow guidelines here

A few rules of thumb: Don’t block your neighbor with displays and signage. Keep your displays (including flooring) within your booth footprint. Stay within booth height restrictions – including lights and signs. 

Embrace Abundance with Merchandising 

Merchandising. It’s how to arrange products in your space. The primary objective? Show off your stuff! A retailer knows to arrange their window displays to invite shoppers inside and enough product on hand for a well-stocked space.  Don’t discount abundance, or the ability to deliver inventory. 

Keep it Elevated 

Craft fairs, farmer’s markets, and tradeshows provide exhibitors with a blank space, and maybe a skirted table and a few chairs. Your first instinct may be to arrange products flat on top of the table. While keeping a low profile is definitely important (see above), you may want to play with different levels on your table space and test how a customer’s eye travels through  levels within a flattering display. You may find customers have an easier time accessing your products, both visually and physically. 


Flat fluorescent light? Yeah. This seems to be the norm for most exhibit spaces, unless you’re outside (with another set of challenges!). Retailers know it's important to create an aesthetically pleasing interior and lighting is a huge way to make customers feel comfortable.  

Exhibit spaces can be lighting challenged. Try this - If you have access to power, use it! Bring in options to illuminate  your products: twinkle lights, free-standing LED jewelry lights, lamps, mirrors, whatever you can get your hands on. You’ll be amazed how lighting your product can make it more appealing to buyers.  Double check the electrical options and don’t forget the extension cord! 


How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Product Displays, Exhibitor Magazine 


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