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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Membership?

Wednesday, December 19, 2018/Categories: Made in Montana, Business Tips

Being a Member of Made in Montana means you hold yourself to a high standard of quality. But are you doing everything you can to take full advantage of your Membership and association with the Made in Montana Program?

Here are a few tips to ensure you’re getting as much out of the program as possible whether you’re a maker or retailer.

1. Leverage your free listing on our website

Our database is consumer facing and includes all your information in one place, making you more visible, whether you’re looking to connect as a maker or retailer with each other and potential customers. We’re always working to improve the search functions and user experience and are committed to making the Made in Montana website a valuable tool for all parties. 

Wholesale buyers and other retailers search for products and suppliers year-round on the Made in Montana website. Make sure your listing description is complete, accurate and compelling. Include well composed and lit, professional looking images in your listing to improve your traction on the site. (Stay tuned, we’ll do a deep dive on exactly how to achieve this soon).

Remember, once you have a free listing, you’ll need to renew it annually. You’ll receive reminder emails that require a response. If you don’t respond, your status will default to “Disabled” in our database, but we can still renew your membership if you respond to any of the reminder emails or call our office after this happens. There is no need to fill out another application.

Remember: you can make changes to your listing anytime by contacting us.

2. Get Social

Social media continues to be an extremely powerful marketing tool for businesses. And a great way to connect with customers, retailers or producers.

We’re on Facebook and Instagram. Follow our accounts for updates on the program. We also use these platforms to leverage YOU, and will often share photography from our members. Be sure to tag your images with #madeinmontana on Instagram and Facebook, send us a message within either platform, or email us directly with product-in-use and lifestyle photos for your chance to be featured.

3. Connect with us and stay up to date

Or better yet, tell your fellow makers and retailers (even those who aren’t members yet) to sign up to get our emails at We send important updates as well as business tips and member features on a monthly basis. Let our newsletter be a jumping off point for you in your community.  

Know of something we should talk about? Reach out to us directly at

4. Be label conscious

Our research shows visitors to Montana spend most of their money shopping (this spending behavior is third behind lodging and food). They’re even willing to spend more on products that are made locally, so it’s super important to display and sign your products well.

Logos are only available to active members in the Made in Montana, Grown in Montana and Native American Made in Montana programs. Placing the logo on your products, signage, or marketing materials lets buyers know you are selling genuine products and you are proud to be   part of our program. Producers can purchase low-cost logo labels or use the electronic image at no charge to print the logo directly on product packaging. 

Retail Stores, Restaurants, and Distributors are also eligible to use the logo on their signs, menus, and other collateral - but only producers are eligible to place logos on the actual products. 

We encourage you to use it in your electronic marketing too. We love to see it on your websites and social media! We just ask that you don’t use the logo alone as your main profile photo on your social media pages.

Find our Logo Usage Agreement here.

For printed logos and stickers, you’ll need to order from Alpha Graphics in Bozeman. We also have vector versions available, so you can use the logo electronically in your own label design. In addition to full color versions, we have black and white to better integrate with your brand             available for purchase.


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