Montana Mountains

Montana is legendary for its natural beauty, spectacular landscapes and expansive, open skies.

The splendor of the state is reflected in the products made and grown here from fine arts, crafts, foods, agricultural and wood products to tools, machinery, software, and high-tech materials - and we want to make sure the world knows it.


In a state as big as Montana, we have created three identifying trademarked logos to help you find your favorites.

Made in Montana LogoThe Made in Montana logo signifies a product that has been made, created, or enhanced in the state.

Grown in Montana LogoThe Grown in Montana logo signifies a product that has been grown and/or finished in the state.

Native American Made in Montana LogoThe Native American Made in Montana logo signifies that the product meets the requirements of Made in Montana, but has also been made by registered members of a Montana tribe. It is our newest logo.


Only active Made in Montana program participants are eligible to use these logos.

Montana producers can join the Made in Montana program and use the logos by meeting membership criteria, including completion of a self-attest form that their product is made, or caused to be made, in the state of Montana. The products don't always have to be made from scratch. In some cases, the product is made from components made elsewhere but in the hands of the Montanan, they are transformed and now have at least 50% or more added value.

Retailers who sell Montana products can also join the program. That way, when you are looking for where to purchase local products, we can help you find them.


Sign up today for the Made in Montana program.   For more information about joining the program, go to our Join the Program page.