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This program assists Montana businesses in developing and marketing their products both in and out of the state. The program, which also includes Grown in Montana and Native American Made in Montana, helps build recognition for products that are "authentically" Montana.

That means they are grown, created, made, and/or enhanced in the state resulting in 50% or more added-value. The program requires that individuals and businesses meet the program's value-added definition to utilize the trademarked image on their qualifying products.

There are over 3,400 program participants producing Montana products and 250 retail locations and restaurants specializing in and serving authentic Made in Montana items. Members are everyone from food and beverage producers to vehicle and machinery parts fabricators; software and online management companies to log home builders; fine artists to homey crafts makers; canvas tent makers to emergency rescue blanket manufacturers; and so many more.

It is important to note that the Made in Montana program is not a certification program for companies but rather for their products. To be eligible, the person or company producing or growing the product must sign a "self-attest" form that states the product meets the Made in Montana product criteria. The statement appears as follows:

"I verify that my products meet the Montana Department of Commerce, Made in Montana Program eligibility criteria of having either been grown, created, or substantially transformed within the state of Montana (and in the case of substantial transformation the value is now 50% or more of the individual parts used in the production process) and that I will only use the logos on products that meet this description as approved by the program."

Retail Stores and Restaurants can also join the program so they can take part in the promotional aspects. While they can use the logo to signify they sell or serve Made in Montana products, they cannot actually place a logo on a product even though they know it was made in the state. That right is reserved only for a Producer member.

We offer an online directory of products in accordance with MCA 30-17-101.


We are a badge of honor for artisans, growers and craftspeople working for something bigger than the bottom line.

Pillar 1: A Cut Above - Not just anyone can use this brand. In Montana, we hold each other to a higher standard – we are tougher, friendlier, and more likely to come through in a pinch. The things we make and grow here should live up to the same ideals. If it’s produced in Montana, it’s produced with pride.

Pillar 2: Montana Through and Through - A reflection of the qualities that make Montana great. Montana is known for its spectacular, unspoiled nature, charming small towns, hospitality and breathtaking experiences. The people and products that wear this badge carry a piece of that reputation with them, sharing the Last Best Place with the world.

Pillar 3: Here by Choice - Working here is a privilege, not a hurdle. The choice to build or relocate a business here tells you a lot about the people and companies that have done it. We are not just producing and harvesting – we are choosing a better way of doing things.


Logo Identification Labels

  • Offers a wide variety of full color logo products at low-cost including stickers, hangtags, posters, and window clings
  • An electronic version is also available for free use in company advertising and labeling

Online Products Directory

  • Fee-free website provides members with a company listing detailing product descriptions, product photos, locations to purchase to products, and hyperlinks to their own site

Advertising and marketing campaigns

  • Posters and signage for stores carrying Made in Montana products
  • Member highlights on social media
  • Program advertising in a variety of mediums such as billboards, magazines and print ads


Producers, manufacturers and retailers selling items that have been grown, created or substantially transformed within the state of Montana. In the case of substantial transformation, the value is now 50% or more of the individual parts used in the production process

  • Use of the Native American Made in Montana logo requires enrollment in a Montana tribe and residency in the state
  • Use of Grown in Montana logo requires products are grown, come from, or are derived from crops or animals in the state


Easily apply online! Or download a registration form here.